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Disaster Management is the Responsibility of Everyone


Emmergency Contact : SMS Code: 909 Phone Line: + 260 260 211 252692

The vision of the disaster management system in the country is to promote a social ‘safety Net’ for protection of the citizenry, their assets and the environment against disaster through a proactive, community-based, developmental and multi-sectoral approach that combines disaster preparedness, prevention and mitigation and integrates disaster management into national development.(DM Policy 2005)

Our Activities
The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) is vested in the Office of the Vice President and was created in 1994. The following are the objectives of DMMU:
  • To put in place appropriate preparedness measures in order to manage effectively and efficiently
  • To activate response mechanism for effective and timely search and rescue operations in order to save life and reduce damage to property.
  • To put in place measures to restore livelihoods and other life support systems to affected communities.
  • To mitigate the disruptive and destructive effects of hazards and all disasters in order to reduce their impact on vulnerable communities, assets and the environment
  • To put in place preventive measures in order to reduce the negative effect of hazards and strengthen the national capacity for disaster management in order to avoid the adverse impact of hazards.
  • To effectively co-ordinate disaster management activities through a body of procedures and practices in order to avoid duplication of efforts and resources at all levels.

Current Projects
We currently have the folowing projectss running..

Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and analysis (CVAA)
There are several types of hazards that trigger disasters and make the Zambian population vulnerable to social, physical, environmental and economic insecurities. These hazards have been exacerbated by climate change and in the process have made the population more vulnerable to disaster. There is, however no baseline on hazards and vulnerabilities to permit formulation of sound district and community based interventions.
In view of this, DMMU in collaboration with the other stakeholders including the UN system embarked on establishing a baseline that would guide policy at both the national and sub-national levels. The process has been phased with the initial stage taking 21 districts in six Provinces.
Data collection for the CVAA in 21 districts has already been done with Analysis and report writing scheduled to be concluded by August 2010. The CVAA report and Atlas will be ready for circulation to all stakeholders by September 2010.

The Emergency Preparedness and Response Information System:   connect to system
DMMU with support from the UN is developing an information platform called Zambia Emergency Preparedness and Response System. Each critical sector will be expected to contribute relevant information to this database. User trainings for stakeholders have already been conducted in Southern, Copperbelt and Western Provinces. Training for the remaining provinces shall be conducted by October 2010.

Early Warning Project
DMMU with support from Service Delivery Improvement Fund (SDIF) is implementing the Multi-hazard Community Based Early Warning Project. The project is being implemented on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis with cherry Tech Electronics Enterprise. The Zambia Meteorological Department (ZMD) and the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) are

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Provincial Administration Office
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